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If you are a musician looking for a place to record or learn, we've got the place for you!


We want to be your place for making great music!


Recording studios in Brea, California. Vocal lessons in Brea, California.


Fully Equipped Recording Facility, Vocal & Guitar Lessons.

Recording Studio



Midas Venice 24 channel mixer with firewire A/D and D/A conversion


Microphones by AKG, Blue, Shure, Audix


Outboard Gear by DBX, ART, Presonus


DAW Software is Digital Performer by MOTU running on a Mac


Software Plug-ins by Waves, Antares, Izotope


Other brand names include DW, PRS, Ovation, Audio Technica


Tracking room is 12' x 9'


Recording Studios Rates:


$50 an hour




Cliff Schellenger

Cliff began a career in mechanical engineering and continues work in this field as his "bread & butter". However, it was his engineering background that spurred his interest in sound engineering (recording as well as live sound). And, he has honed his skills for the last 13 years, passing his knowledge and expertise on to their son, Rex.

Cliff Schellenger (562)665-1208,


Rex Schellenger

Rex began his passion for music and sound as a gifted drummer. Since the age of 2 1/2 years old, Rex has had the gift for drumming. Now at the age of 20, Rex has not only expanded his musical abilities: becoming an experienced guitar and bass player, but has also become an experienced sound engineer. Along with providing recording services through Scottie Dog Music, Rex is also employed as a sound engineer at Refuge Calvery Chapel Church in Huntington Beach, CA.

Rex Schellenger (562) 631-2833)

Rehearsal Space


$15/hour, 2 hour Minimum.

1290 West Lambert Road • Suite A-2 • Brea, California 92821 • 562.665.1208 •